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Supporting multi-center research requires combining data created in different data models; this community coordination project aims to provide an data model adaptor for CTSA hubs.

The CD2H Data Harmonization project, part of the CD2H Next Generation Data Repository Core, identifies and curates resources and tools that enable a common framework for rendering and querying clinical data. Central to the effort is designating the HL7 FHIR specification as a canonical hub to simplify integration from clinical electronic health records and transform into a broad spectrum of translational research data models. We do this by engaging expertise across the CTSA community through workshops, electronic workspaces, and community web events.

Explore Our Work

Federated Data Query Workshop May 20 & 21st, 2019

The Data Harmonization Working Group in CD2H hosted a two-day (May 20-21) workshop in Baltimore on data harmonization and federated query. For details about this workshop, including industry subject matter expert presentations, see this link: Workshop

CDM-FHIR Mappings

Mapping to, from, and among translational research common data models can be greatly facilitated by invoking FHIR as a canonical hub. An analyis of many existing mapping is updated on this page: CDM-FHIR Mappings.

There are many FHIR Servers options for FHIR repositories.

HL7 FHIR Standard Engagement

The CD2H team is engaging the HL7 and FHIR communities around interoperability standards critical to large-scale translational research. A summary of current activities is here: HL7 Engagement and Translational Research Working Group

HL7 Engagement Webinar, Nov 12th, 2019 includes:

Data Harmonization Maturity Model

FHIR for Translational Research Blog

Prompted by the recent NIH statement endorsing the use of FHIR for research clinical data, CD2H authored this blog: Forging Translational Research Networks with FHIR.

Get involved

We encourage the community to get involved.

We are looking for community participation in the following areas:

If you are interested in participating, please onboard here or contact Tricia Francis at with any questions.

Working documents

Documentation for the various data harmonization task teams can be found at this Google drive folder and project specific work may be located at the data-harmonization GitHub repo in the wiki or .md files.