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Supporting multi-center research requires combining data created in different data models; this community coordination project aims to provide an data model adaptor for CTSA hubs.

HL7 FHIR Engagement

Baltimore Summit with HL7 and FHIR Leadership

HL7 approached the project leaders for Data Harmonization about strengthening HL7 standards for translational research, parcitularly around FHIR resources. The CD2H team hosted HL7 and FHIR leadership in a special forum in Baltimore on May 2nd, 2019, to discuss options for advancing interoperabilty standards relevent to CTSA sponsored translational research. Among the attendees at this meeting were:

The conclusions of this summit included:

Translational Research Working Group

CD2H has formally applied to create a Translationial Research Working group at HL7. Discussions with the leadership of the Biomedical Research and Regulation Working Group, with whom such a new working group would have to collaboration closely, have begun. CD2H representation will occur at the Research on FHIR Forum taking place durnig the FHIR hackthon in Atlanta on Sunday, 15 September. The request will be discussed by the HL7 Techniical Steering Committee.

HL7 Engagement Task Team

CTSA members attending the Federated Data Query Workshop that indicated interest in participating in the work group include:

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