CD2H MTIP Workshop

Managing Translational Informatics Projects Tutorial

Managing Translational Informatics Projects (MTIP)

When: March 25, 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm Central (with a break for non-hosted lunch)

Where: Northwestern University Chicago campus Rubloff Building, 375 E Chicago Ave. - Lakeview Conference Room, 11th floor Chicago, IL 60611 (campus map). In person space is limited to 15-18 so registration is required. Remote participation info will be sent to registrants.

Translational Informatics projects are increasingly cross-institutional and even international; managing them comes with lots of shared pain points. This one day workshop will provide hands-on training to anyone who is organizing or managing cross-functional distributed teams that develop code or that analyze data across the translational divide*. Specifically, we will introduce several the practical tools and techniques for managers to facilitate these kinds of endeavors. The hands-on training will familiarize participants with helpful tools and techniques, and to help them make informed decisions about which tools might work best for their particular contexts. We conclude with a session wherein all participants are welcome to share additional pain points and related experience.

Who should attend: Open to anyone; priority will be given to Informatics program, and project managers, as well as PIs that may function in this role.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of any of the tools is required, and participation in any or all of the modules is warmly welcome.

Cost: Free to attend


Please complete the steps here in Lesson 0 so that you are able to keep up with the exercises.


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Note that if the workshop is oversubscribed, a second date will be considered. Members of CTSA institutions will be prioritized.


We are – all of us – continually learning. Road-tested lessons learned and strategies will be taught, but if there is a newer, better, more scaleable way of doing something operational, we really want to know so we can have more time to focus on the science. Speak up; we would love to hear.


Note: This content is still under development; timing of each lesson is approximate and includes time for putting it into practice.

Time (see timezone above) Lesson # Description
9am 1 Introduction to agile project management techniques
10am 2 Introduction to form-based onboarding for teams
11am 3 Survival strategies for managing (naming, versioning) documents in shared locations (Github, Dropbox, Box, etc.)
1pm 4 Survival strategies for team communication eg. via persistent chat / email etc
1:30pm 5 Gentle introduction to GitHub for managers (non-programmers)
2:30pm 6 Gentle intro to managing and tracking issues in GitHub
3:30pm 7 Hacks to boost productivity of individuals and teams
4:00pm   Optional: Knowledge-sharing session / Q&A


* This tutorial is scoped for public data and communications only. If have any questions about the suitability of these technologies for your particular project at your institution, please contact them. At OHSU, the right place to ask is the information technology group:

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