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CD2H Tools and Cloud Infrastructure Core

Our vision

Computational technologies and tools are vital to clinical and translational research; however Hubs currently develop, deploy, and manage these key resources independently. As a result, these processes are tedious, costly, and heterogeneous. This core will address this by establishing a common tool and cloud computing architecture, and will provide CTSA hubs with an affordable, easy to use, and scalable deployment paradigm. We envision that such an approach will support a robust ecosystem that demonstrates the use of shared tools and platforms for the collaborative analysis of clinical data. Hubs can easily promote and deploy their own products as well as adopt others products, thereby transcending long-standing “boundaries” and solving common and recurring information needs.

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Review a draft of our CD2H-NCATS Cloud Architecture proposal and provide feedback using our Architecture Response Form.

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Use our NCATs Cloud Resources intake form to request Amazon Web Services for deployment of your tool or service.

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Participate in our EHR DREAM Challenge

Participate in our recently launched EHR DREAM Challenge, where you can build and test algorithms for predicting patient mortality. Also, read our blog post describing the EHR Challenge, and how this aligns with our wider mission to develop a data and algorithm ecosystem.

Exemplar cloud resources:


A platform to support robust peer review within and across CTSA hubs does not currently exist. Competitions fills this gap with a cloud-based, single-sign on software tool for investigators, reviewers and administrators. Access our Competitions platform to run NIH-style grant competitions across the CTSA including pilot projects and research awards. With Competitions, you can post opportunities, submit applications and review and score those submissions. This platform is also an example of how to successfully deploy a Software As A Service (Saas) into the NCATs cloud environment, and to leverage Federated Authentication.


Leaf is a powerful, lightweight web application for querying clinical data. Leaf helps query clinical databases of nearly any data model for cohort estimation and data extraction. Leaf seamlessly integrates with clinical databases and existing enterprise authentication systems to unleash the potential of translational biomedical research.

A live demo of Leaf is available online (Select “Research” and “No” and “De-Identified” for the series of questions at the beginning to access the application.) Please keep in mind not all capabilities are present in this demo, which is only using synthetic data. For a full demo, please see our youtube video or contact Liz at

Leaf is open-source; sourcecode can be accessed through our github repoository.

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